Used Axles and Differentials For Sale

If you are searching for any axle assembly, also know as a rear differential too, then we have you covered. No matter what you drive it has axles and a differential. Most cars with differentials have a drive-shaft to connect the differential to the power output on said vehicles transmission.

1. A rear differential is the original and most common differential setup. We call this a F/R [front-rear] layout, with the engine in the front and the rear differential is in the back of the vehicle, with a drive-shaft to transfer the power.

a. Light duty pickup trucks such as the Ford F-Series Trucks, Dodge Ram Trucks, Chevy HD Light and Medium Duty trucks, Toyota Trucks and Nissan Trucks. Many SUV type vehicles.

b. Large over the highway trucks, cement movers, commercial equipment. School buses, Ambulances and 99.9 percent of  motor-homes use larger rear differentials.

c. Many of the high performance luxury cars made by BMW and Mercedes use a rear differential.

d. Four Wheel Drive Trucks [4×4], All Wheel Drive [All Wheel Drive] Cars, SUV, Vans and Trucks.

The axles I refer to are the CV [Constant Velocity] Axles or CV joints used on vehicles with a front engine and front wheel drive [FWD]. Front wheel drive vehicles which use a transverse mounting setup, where the engine and transmission is east to west of the axis of the car, instead of running north to south with the axis of the car [as in: RWD cars].

If the term axle or differential comes up in a conversation with your mechanic using the word replacement [keyword],  Call Axles and Now for your choices among rebuild differential assemblies or good used low mileage differential assemblies. No one beats our pricing, quality and customer service. Call and speak with a trained sales representative.